Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who the hell is this guy???

By 2002, I had given up on love and the hope of ever finding the perfect mate.  Then I met him....  Joe lost a bet and had to take me to dinner...  We were inseparable after that.  I had a previous relationship where I was asked to move in with someone.  In the same sentence, I was told, "you can't bring your dog" (I should have known then).  So, I told Joe that if he was interested in me, he needed to be interested in my dogs, too!
Joe was not a big dog guy when we met!!!  He would come over and Beau would talk to him.  Bruno, however, would turn his nose up at him.
Joe would offer to walk the dogs....  Beau would go, Bruno would not.  Joe would say "Come", Bruno would go the other way.  Joe would feed them, Bruno wouldn't eat.
Bruno made it very clear that there was not room in his world for someone who would take his Mommy's attention away.  Little did he know, he would grow to love Joe....  eventually...

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