Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Denali had his first encounter with swimming on New Year's Eve!  He was very excited when we arrived because there were about 5 labs there!  Initially, he was more interested in chasing the labs around.  He got his feet wet on the ramp and then jumped out to chase another lab.  He had a life jacket and a very patient trainer with him.  I finally went to the opposite side of the pool, which is when he began to whine for me.  His trainer helped him across and he was very excited to see Mom!  He went in a little way each time, but never got completely in on his own.  When we left, I am not sure if Denali or I, was more wet!!
The next week, we went again.  Denali was so excited when we arrived and began whining, wiggling and jumping!  He got his vest put on and up the ramp, to the pool we went.  I went to the other side, and Denali came in with the trainer.  This time, once he was in - he swam on his own to me!  He was so excited!!  He swam back and went up the ramp.  He still wanted his Mom, so he ran around to the side of the pool and jumped in (who needs a ramp) and swam to me all by himself!! Good boy, Denali!  He's going be a great swimmer!