Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I have recently started yoga.  I am really enjoying it.  It was a beautiful day...  bright sun, cool breeze, great mountain views.  So, I took my yoga mat and went outside on the deck.  I was completely relaxed, enjoying the day.  The dogs were relaxing in the sun as well...
All of a sudden, when I was in, wouldn't you know it, "downward dog", there was a sneak attack.  Louie came under my body and straight to my face!  Licking and wiggling and licking some more.  I couldn't lie down, because he was under me, so I had to just take the bulldog abuse!  I think if he could laugh, he would have been laughing, hysterically!  All in all, a good and humorous, yoga experience!  I think the combination of yoga and laughter is really good for the soul!  Thanks, Louie!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Just when I thought I felt better...

I was beginning to feel a little better about Beau.  Then I got the call from our vet.  I knew what it was, so I let it go to voicemail.  "We are calling to tell you that Beau's ashes are ready to be picked up"...  That was 4 days ago!
I picked my little one up from school today and we went to the vet.  I was a bit teary when inside picking up what was left of my dear friend.  My daughter and I walked, hand in hand outside, and I lost it.  Sobbed liked a little kid who just lost their best friend.  I suppose I have.   I remember taking Beau to the vet for his first check up when I got him.  He made everyone smile, as he was quite talkative.  He also showed off by "sitting handsome".  He got a lot of biscuits that day!
As I sit here crying, I think of all the happy moments Beau gave me.  He was a goofball who made me smile.  He was a protector to the whole family.  He was a chow hound.  He was a friend that snuggled with me when I needed it.  I wish we could snuggle now....
Beau's ashes are currently in his favorite room in the house - the kitchen!  He is near the things he loved the most, his brothers and sister, his humans, and of course FOOD!!!  We miss you old man....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Furry Scurry~ In Memory of Beau

As many of you know, Louie and I are scheduled to walk in the Furry Scurry on May 7th.  We have decided that we will be walking in memory of our friend Beau.  Beau walked in the Furry Scurry with Louie three years ago.  He did a great job, but his arthritis made him sore that night.  Beau had a great time with Louie that day.

So, if you can help the Denver Dumb Friends League and honor Beau's memory, please donate to our Furry Scurry page.  Anything will help take care of animals in need.  Thank you so much.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lonely and quiet

Arrived home from Spring Break vacation.  Only 3 dogs...  No deep, boisterous bark.  No nudges on my elbow for attention.  One would think with 3 dogs, the house would be noisy.  But it wasn't.  It was quiet, lonely and felt empty.  Beau's best buddy, Bruno has been sulking, with no tail wags...

We all went to bed and I began the nightly routine, which includes biscuits.  Instinctively, I grabbed 4 biscuits and handed them out.  I had on extra....  I broke down in tears, again.
It is incredible how much 1 adopted black lab can change lives.  He will be missed for a very, very long time.