Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mastiff for sale.........

This week has been quite challenging, and it is only Tuesday.  My hubby had surgery yesterday morning.  When I got home from the hospital, I began to have some major coughing fits.  Both of us, in separate places, were up all night.  I picked Joe up from the hospital and we headed home.  Me, still coughing and sore from the cough.  Put Joe to bed and called the doctor.  
I went to my appointment and was told I have whooping cough.  Are you kidding me????  Exhausted, went to the pharmacy to get my prescriptions.  I got home and went up to check on Joe.  Then back down to check on the dogs.  Godiva, looked guilty....  
"Oh shit, the girl scout cookies"....  My adorable daughter is a Daisy Scout and it was her first time selling cookies.  She sold the most cookies in her troop...  With everything going on, we have not yet delivered them all.  I went into the pantry to check on the orders....  Godiva went outside.  2 orders were missing - 7 boxes!!!!  I followed Diva and in the backyard were 6 empty boxes and one almost opened...  So, instead of her doggy dinner, she got a pepcid and went to bed (yes, she is fine. she was actually begging for food shortly afterward).  Luckily, this mastiff has many redeeming qualities, including being a great watchdog.  Tonight, she became an honorary girl scout!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Furry Scurry~

It's Louie's favorite time of year!!!  Time to get ready for the Furry Scurry.  For those of you who don't know, the Furry Scurry is a HUGE fundraiser for the Denver Dumb Friends League (a great organization!).  It is a walk/run...  Louie does NOT run, so we walk!

Me, Louie & Beau at the Furry Scurry

I started doing the Furry Scurry 4 years ago.  I decided to take Godvia the first year, which turned out to be a horrible idea.  There are thousands of dogs, and it turned out Diva does not like other dogs (except her brothers).  She barked, growled, lunged and tried to eat a little dog!!  We did not even get to start the walk. Needless to say, the next year Diva stayed home and Louie made his debut!!  Beau came with us that year, but he was quite stiff at the end and stays home now.

Post Furry Scurry Refreshments
The first year, Louie was so much more interested in people and socializing, that we only made it a quarter of the way around the lake!  Louie finished the race by sitting in a kiddie pool.  The second year, Louie was still enjoying socializing, but we made it halfway around!  Last year, Louie figured out how to balance business and pleasure!  He made it the whole way around!!!!  And he met many, many people.  He even made it onto the website and the local news!!!

So, here we are again, getting pledges to help animals in need.  Getting psyched for the walk!  Here's to another successful Furry Scurry!!  If you would like to help Louie in his fundraising efforts, check out his Furry Scurry page!