Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mastiff for sale.........

This week has been quite challenging, and it is only Tuesday.  My hubby had surgery yesterday morning.  When I got home from the hospital, I began to have some major coughing fits.  Both of us, in separate places, were up all night.  I picked Joe up from the hospital and we headed home.  Me, still coughing and sore from the cough.  Put Joe to bed and called the doctor.  
I went to my appointment and was told I have whooping cough.  Are you kidding me????  Exhausted, went to the pharmacy to get my prescriptions.  I got home and went up to check on Joe.  Then back down to check on the dogs.  Godiva, looked guilty....  
"Oh shit, the girl scout cookies"....  My adorable daughter is a Daisy Scout and it was her first time selling cookies.  She sold the most cookies in her troop...  With everything going on, we have not yet delivered them all.  I went into the pantry to check on the orders....  Godiva went outside.  2 orders were missing - 7 boxes!!!!  I followed Diva and in the backyard were 6 empty boxes and one almost opened...  So, instead of her doggy dinner, she got a pepcid and went to bed (yes, she is fine. she was actually begging for food shortly afterward).  Luckily, this mastiff has many redeeming qualities, including being a great watchdog.  Tonight, she became an honorary girl scout!

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