Sunday, March 6, 2011

Trash lady

I was at work last night when I received a text from my husband.  "I've placed an add on Craigslist for the mastiff.  She wrecked, and I mean wrecked the kitchen".
Well, no ad was placed, but Diva was in a lot of trouble.  Part of it was human caused, as my hubby forgot and left a bag of stinky trash in the kitchen.  While he was putting our daughter to bed, Diva thought it smelled wonderful!  She ripped into the trash and pulled trash ALL OVER the kitchen!!!  Gross, kitchen trash...  Joe came downstairs and Diva looked at him and ran outside.  She knew she had made a poor choice!
Luckily, when I came home, Diva was alive and well, sleeping on her dog bed!!  I can only wonder, what's next????

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