Monday, March 28, 2011

Goodbye, Beau....

We lost one of our best friends today....  As most of you know, Beau has been struggling with arthritis and old age.  I came home Saturday night from work and Beau could not get up on his own.  His eyes had lost their sparkle.  He just looked sad.....  I layed with him and we "talked".  The next morning, he was ok.  He ate, but he grunted, panted and huffed.  Beau and I talked about death and life and what an amazing friend he had been to me over the years.  I went to work.
I spoke to my husband shortly after I got to work.  He said "You were right about Beau.  He's not doing well.  He threw up".  I worked with police officers and was still at the station when I got this call.  I began to cry.  Several officers asked what was wrong.  I told them all of my old pal.... honest, loving and dependable.  I had half the station in tears with me...
I came home this morning and went to Beau.  He tried to get up, but it was a struggle.  So, I got down with him.  I layed with him and sobbed.  His head hung low, and he looked so forlorn.  I hugged him and said. "Buddy, if it's time, it's ok.  You just have to tell me".  He lifted his head and licked my tears and gave me a wag; as if to say, "it's ok, Mom.  It's time for me to go".
I made Beau steak, eggs and french fries.  He scarfed them!  With a heavy heart, my husband, 5 year old daughter and I took Beau to the vet. He layed completely still the whole car ride there.  We were all teary and trying to be strong for Beau.  We went into the room where they had layed out a Colorado Rockies blanket for him.  They gave him a sedative and we spent our last 10 minutes hugging, petting and kissing Beau.  All the while thanking him for everything and telling him how much we loved him.  Then, my daughter hugged her labby tight and said "it's ok to go Beau, we understand".  To hear those words come from a 5 year old is heart wrenching.  She loves her Beau Beau so much, but understood he was in pain.  We all stayed with him during his final minutes and he died with his head in my daughter's lap, his butt in mine and his paws in my husband's. 
we came home to 3 other, confused doggies, who are still looking for Beau.  The saddest thing was the lack of noise.  No more Beau bark to greet us....
You will be missed terribly my friend...  You were an amazing rescue dog.  but, really, we both know it - you rescued me!  I love you Beauregard!!!  Don't REST in peace, ENJOY doggie heaven, you deserve it my friend!!

In Loving Memory and Appreciation....  Beauregard, Oct 29, 1995 - March 28, 2011

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