Monday, October 11, 2010

And then there was Beau....

Several years after Bruno, my roommate got a new job and was moving away.  I decided Bruno needed a friend to keep him company while I was at work.  I went to the local shelter and found an australian shepard puppy.  He was adorable.  I took him home to meet Bruno...  The meeting did not go well.  The puppy bit Bruno three times in the first hour.  Bruno was scared.  I took the puppy back to the shelter.  I left in tears, no friend for Bruno.
Over the next few weeks, I would check out the shelter's website and would always be disappointed.  Until one day....  It was a Sunday morning and I rolled out of bed.  I checked my email in my jammies.  I decided to look at the shelter's website.  There he was - "Bo"....  a handsome black lab, that someone dumped.  I called them to see if he was still available.  The lady remembered me and told me he was still there, but a couple was coming in an hour to meet him!
I raced around the house, putting on acceptable clothes.  I didn't do my hair.  It looked as if I had come out of a tornado, and the tornado won!  I hopped in my car and flew to the shelter.
I met "Bo" and fell in love.  He nudged me and "spoke".  He even "sat handsome".  I was told he had been a rock chewer, so it was hard to judge his age by his teeth.  They thought he was around 5.  I decided to bring him home for another meet with Bruno.
I was nervous, "Bo" was excited.  I opened the door to the house and Bruno ran out....  He sniffed "Bo", "Bo" sniffed him.  Bruno welcomed him into his home and showed him around.  The have been best friends for the last 7 years!
I changed "Bo's" name to Beauregard (Beau).  A bit more distinguished and original.  It also made it easy for him to know his name.
I soon found out that poor Beau had been through a lot.  Probably dumped by his family, for whatever awful reason.  He didn't have food, so he ate rocks.  He was literally skin and bones when he came to live with us.  His now silky, black coat was dirty, ratty and brown.  The most heartbreaking moment was when Beau had an xray.  We found out that Beau had been shot!!  The poor guy still has several BBs in his body today.
Beau is getting older, he turns 12 this month.  To this day, he has been goofy, loving and wonderful.  He has won the heart of our daughter, who says "I never want old Beau Beau to go to heaven"...  Neither do I....

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