Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh my God, Bruno is sick.... part 1

Bruno is my baby.  I got him when I was single.  I have grown up with him.  He has been through happiness, sorrow and life with me.  I adore him.....  He has always had belly issues...  He had been vomitting for a couple of hours and it was Friday, so I thought I would take him to get checked before the weekend....  My whole weekend was about to change drastically.
Our normal vet, Dr. Dawn, who is AMAZING, was not in.  So they asked if I would mind seeing Dr. Lynne, Who I had not yet met.  I said sure, I was sure it wasn't anything major, he always pukes.  So we got there.  Dr. Lynne did an exam and said just to be safe, she would like to do an xray.  I thought sure, he's my baby, just to be safe.  I had an instant connection with Lynne.  They took my buddy back for the xray...
Bruno came back and we sat and waited.  I figured they would say "pepcid and bland diet".  Dr Lynne came back.  The conversation went something like this....

Lynne "Bruno has a blockage.  He needs surgery immediately".
Me, "Ummmm, what?"
Lynne, "He has a complete bowel obstruction.  I need to take him into surgery, now."
Me, "Ummmm, uh ok, go"

She took my little buddy.  I was in shock.  I was in tears.  I got up and walked out numb.  They said they would call.  She said it would take about an hour.  I had to go home, without Bruno and tell my husband and little girl.  This was turning out to be a very horrible start to the weekend!
I waited an hour.  Nothing.  An hour and half....  two hours....  I was on facebook and saw that one of the vet tech's was online.  I begged her to call and find out what was going on.  She did.  They were still working on him!!!  OM MY GOD.....  Finally, the phone rang.  I think it was about 3 1/2 hours later...  Lynne told me he was out of surgery, but he had a long way to go.  His entire intestine was blocked, everywhere....  by gobs and gobs of hair!!!  Bruno had always been a licker, so it was probably 10 years of hair.  Dr. Lynne said she had removed all of the hair, and his intestine, and rinsed it 7 times!!  Tonight would be a long night for him.  My first love, had a very long road ahead of him....  I didn't sleep at all that night, or many more to come.

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