Monday, November 8, 2010

The Butter Braid Incident....

This is the incident that finally caused me to blog about the dogs.  We bought some butter braids for a school fundraiser.  You know, the frozen, yeast filled, dough breakfast pastries??  They need to rise for at least 8 hours before cooking.  So, I put one out on Friday evening to enjoy on Saturday morning.  My husband was playing poker that night.  Christa and I went upstairs to get ready for bed.
I went downstairs to get a snack for Christa.  I walked into the kitchen and there was a very empty cookie sheet.  No butter braid to be found....  Oh My God....  It was still frozen!!!!!  I looked around to make sure I hadn't "misplaced" it.  Then I saw Diva....  She looked very guilty.  I said "What did you do"?  She ran outside.
I began to think about yeast rising, in her stomach.  I got worried.  So, I called the emergency vet and the animal poison control.  Both said watch her, but it could be VERY serious.  Butter braids can apparently expand 10 times in a dogs stomach!  Who knew!?!?!  In addition, the yeast ferments and they can get alcohol poisoning!!  I was told to watch her carefully, give her ice cubes and gas x.  So, off we go to the store.  Godiva, Christa in feet pajamas and me, to buy gas x!!!
By the time we got home from the store, Diva looked really sick, and she was expanding!!!  Off we went to the emergency vet!  We got there and Diva still looked pretty crummy.  She was also VERY nervous.  Diva does NOT like the vet!!!
Into a room we go.  The vet comes in and I begin telling her the story.  She explains about the expansion and alcohol poisoning.  All this time, Diva is freaking out!  Trying to hide from the vet, under me and under the bench.  The vet then tells me that she will need to induce vomitting immediately.  At the same time, Godiva stands up, and pukes THE ENTIRE BUTTER BRAID, onto the floor!!!  It smelled like beer and had already started to expand.
I stood up, shook the vet's hand and said "thank you, it was very nice to meet you".  Really???  Only my dog!

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