Saturday, November 6, 2010

Louie and the cardiologist

Louie, my daughter and I arrived at the cardiologist.  He wiggled and rolled for everyone he met.  He stole everyone's heart at the hospital.
He had an exam, which he was extremely wiggly for!  The doctor agreed that he had spontaneous, pulmonary hypertension, which caused him to stopped breathing and for his heart to stop.  She explained that bulldogs occassionally had issues with this, as they have a short snout and small nasal passages.  She said if nothing was done, he could get worse and eventually die from it.  She suggested that he have surgery to help him breathe better and open his airway to alleviate the problem.  I agreed, and asked if they could neuter him while he was under, too!
A few days later, we headed back to the hospital.  Louie was still his wiggly self and everyone adored him!  They took him back....  I watched with tears in my eyes.  I was so nervous.  A few minutes later, the tech came back and asked if I wanted to watch the surgery. So, my daughter and I decided to watch.
I was worried that Christa would freak out watching the surgery, but she was excited. We walked in and behind the glass, there was Louie, with a tube in his mouth, lying on his back. They cut and pulled and prodded. I kept watching the monitors to make sure he was doing ok. His vital signs remained good throughout the surgery. They finished up and came out to talk to us. All had gone perfectly!!!! We waited until he woke up to snuggle with him n
He was so happy to see us and Soooo wiggly! We were making him to excited so we had to leave. We came back to pick him up the next day. He was doing great!!! 3 years later, he is still doing great!!

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