Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The big scare

When I left today, Beau was on the deck.  When I came home, he was not there.  The other really scary thing, not a single bark!  My lab is a VERY mouthy boy.  He barks all the time.  To hear only silence when I got home was scary and upsetting, to say the least...
Godiva was acting strange, so I said "take me to Beau".  She just jumped and wiggled.  I went all over he house, searching.  Nothing.  I went back downstairs and asked Diva again, "where is Beau"???????  She ran outside.  My heart sunk.  I thought that maybe it had been time.  Maybe he went outside to find a quiet place to go in peace.  I searched the yard, nothing.  No Beau, no bark......  Diva was not being helpful!
I went inside again.  I went upstairs, my daughter downstairs.  No Beau....  I went to the closed, quiet laundry room door.  I opened the door and WOKE BEAU UP!!!!!!!!!  Really?????
Apparently, he wanted to do some laundry and fell asleep, after he shut himself in!!!  This labby is going to give me a heart attack!

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